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Domaine Sainte Blanche

Here start our perfumes

Ancre 3

" Je ferai fleurir les pierres et chanter les oiseaux "


At the beginning of the project, Edmond Roudnitska engraved this maxim in stone and cemented it on to the ground of the entrance to Domaine Sainte Blanche, as if to assert his and his wife Thérèse’s wish to make of these 10 hectares a landscaped garden where the most enchanting scented flowers can bloom.

A magical source of inspiration for perfumers, Domaine Sainte Blanche is in Speracedes, on the heights of Grasse, in France. It overlooks Cannes and the Lérins Islands.

In this exceptional site can be found Art & Parfum, Accords & Parfums, Au service du Parfum companies and Monsieur Roudnitska’s house.

For more than 70 years, this mythic place steeped in history is the privileged witness of a real vision of an artist’s perfumery.

Ancre 1

An enchanting garden

Ancre 2

A place steeped in history

1944, Edmond Roudnitska creates Femme de Rochas. The success of this perfume enables him in 1947 to set up his studio and a production site in Speracedes, on the heights of Grasse. Art & Parfum is born.

Domaine Sainte blanche

"Je ferai fleurir les pierres
et chanter les oiseaux" 

It is during a bicycle tour from Paris to Nice, that Edmond Roudnitska falls under the spell of this wilderness of rock and maquis.

1947, with his wife Thérèse, he chooses to locate his laboratory here which will be in the heart of a garden full of natural essences and which will become a source of inspiration for numerous perfumers.

Edmond Roudnitska
First independent perfumer

1947, Edmond Roudnitska becomes an artist by opting for liberty and independence.

His wife Thérèse takes care of the administrative and production site in order to let him express his thoughts through conferences and books.

Eau d'Hermès

Edmond ROUDNITSKA create the first perfume for Hermès

1951, Edmond Roudnitska creates the first perfume for the house of Hermès, Grande eau d’Hermès.

This fragrance, inspired by the inside of a Hermès bag, is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Jean-Louis Dumas.

Christian DIOR

au Domaine Sainte Blanche

1955, following the success of Diorama created by Edmond ROUDNITSKA, M. Christian DIOR visits Domaine Sainte Blanche.

He comes to discover with Edmond ROUDNITSKA the lily of the valley which will be the main note of his next perfume, Diorissimo.

Their partnership will give birth to numerous exceptional perfumes: Diorella, Eau Fraîche, Eau Sauvage and Eau sauvage Extrême.

The ROUDNTSKA foundation

1978, the ROUDNITSKA foundation is created to promote researches on the olfactive sense:

Mechanisms of the forms, coding and aestheticism in the field of odors and perfumes, study of the relation between chemical structure and scent.

Death of Edmond ROUDNTSKA

1996, Edmond ROUDNITSKA dies.

His avant-gardist thought remains through his work.

The way, opened by this great man, scholar and artist, will be followed by numerous perfumers for whom Edmond Roudnitska will remain the mentor.

Michel Roudnitska takes over Art & Parfum

1996, Michel Roudnitska takes on the management of Art & Parfum. These years of training with his father, but also his experience enable him to develop his own style.

He is the author of several perfumes, Noir Epices for Frédéric MALLE, Amoureuse and Bois de Paradis for Parfums DELRAE. He specializes in olfactive shows.

2004, Olivier Maure decides to create a production site for independent perfumers only.

He imagines this tool as an orchestra in which perfumers can play freely their parts and he puts at their disposal useful tools for their creativity.

Olivier MAURE takes over the management of Art & Parfum

2010, Michel Roudnitska only wishes to create.

Olivier Maure who works with him for several years take on the management of Art & Parfum.

Accords et Parfums equips itself with the first automaton, the « colibri », further to a close collaboration with the swiss company Contexa.

This robot weighs in volumetric and has a totally automatised system.

2014, the atypical model has proved its effectiveness.

More than 34 independent perfumers have joined the team and develop their activity thanks to the logistics and the quality of the raw material.

Accords & Parfums 10 years' birthday

2015, Sylvie Armando and Olivier Maure create Au service du Parfum to complete the present concept.

The aim of this trading company is to bring new briefing to independent perfumers and a unique choice of individual conceptions to their business partners.

Art & Parfum 70 years' birthday

2016, the trust of our business partners, and the talent of our perfumers take Art & Parfum to its 70 years’ birthday.

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