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The perfume coordinator

With a wealth of experience behind him within Art et Parfum, created by Edmond Roudnitska first independent perfumer, Olivier Maure has developed since 2004 a new concept for producing concentrates.

In the heart of Domaine Sainte Blanche, Accords et Parfums, dedicated to independent perfumers, gives them all the tools necessary for achieving their creations (software, raw materials, …), looks after the regulations and manufactures their formulas.

Like a conductor, Accords et Parfums enables these independent perfumers to play their themes freely. They are recognized as full artists and own their olfactive score, just like musicians with their musical work.

art de composer le parfum | Accords et Parfums

Raw materials

Sourcing the quality

Expertise in the blend and perfect knowledge of the raw materials used to produce perfume.

Both Accords et Parfums and the independent perfumers select with meticulously select each of the raw materials involved in the composition of your fragrances.

Together we meet the different producers to ensure the quality of the proposed products and a perfect match between each batch and the sample.

With Corporate Social Responsibility perspective (CSR) in mind, we focus on the origin and the quality of raw materials. We give preference to companies that work for the development of the perfume industry, and participate in the rehabilitation and the preservation of local cultures, while respecting the environment and the planet.

art de composer le parfum |  Accords et Parfums

The latest technology

Accords et Parfums have created a production workshop in which the perfume quality is the sensitive spot.

Our experienced and dedicated staff blend ingredients with great care and respect, for natural raw materials, allowing the necessary time of maturation for them to develop their most effective olfactive qualities before adding them to the final compound. 

Since 2004, while maintaining the nobility of our celebrated « know-how », we have never stopped work on our production tool, which is today the latest technology. Being the first company to purchase, at Contexa, the « Colibri », an innovative automaton for high precision weighing, we adapted it to achieve a unique method of production combining constancy in the quality, maximum output and respect for tradition.

art de composer le parfum |  Accords et Parfums

Regulation, Quality

Expertise and rigor


Accords et Parfums in their regulatory and quality departments provide you with their expertise.

With Prodarom and the union of chemical industries, the regulatory department has a permanent eye on the legislation.

It also makes sure that your perfumes are in accordance both with the different regulations and your specifications. A certificate of safety evaluation and a material security sheet are provided to help you to work on your labelling, and your tests and to deal with the requisite forms.

The quality of each raw material is checked from reception of goods and throughout the production process to ensure traceability and that each batch perfectly reproduces your sample each time you order.

art de composer le parfum |  Accords et Parfums
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