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Your idea, our service, a perfume

Au service du Parfum proposes you some custom-made fragrances in accordance with your olfactive projects through a personalized support.

This trading company, created in 2015 by Sylvie Armando and Olivier Maure, is in Domaine Sainte Blanche in Speracedes in the country of Grasse.


From your project to the delivery of your fragrances, Au service du Parfum, in close collaboration and in full confidence with a wide panel of independent perfumers and the production site Accords et Parfums, will be your privileged interlocutor.

art de composer le parfum |  au service du parfum

Your idea

Au service du Parfum with its partners works on fragrances according, to your request, your prices and the regulation.

Exchange, contact and trust are the essential assets for us to work on your project and on our long-term relation.

Once validated, we send you a sample, produced by Accords et Parfums, with the documents you need to realize your test and work on your labelling.

To assure the link in the manufacturing, this sample is our witness batch for the coming order produced on site.

This partnership allows us to offer you a complete traceability and the perfect batches reproducibility each time you order.

art de composer le parfum |  au service du parfum

Our service

Perfume is not only about creation.

Au service du Parfum goes with you in your perfumed project and in the knowledge of this magic universe through your terms and conditions meeting your values and answering the different regulations.

We are at your disposal to analyze your existing ranges and to define new axes of development.

We also propose olfactive and regulation trainings, the theme of which can be globalized or targeted according to your needs, the various departments of your company and your sales forces.

art de composer le parfum |  au service du parfum

A perfume

The creativity and skill of our partners, the independent perfumers, are at your disposal to transcribe your emotion in a subtle and personal perfume.


You’ll be surprised by their originality and legibility of their writing. They’ll fit the different bases you want to perfume to offer you an olfactive ambiance which looks like you.


By working together, we’ll put on smell on your projects and bring a signature to all your ranges.


Our exchanges, the singular writings of our passionate perfumers and the extensive study of your project, will take us to the realization of targeted, devoted and unique creations.

art de composer le parfum |  au service du parfum
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